6 Foods That should Lower that Chance Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer’s disease is among the most common method of dementia among the elderly. The problem affects memory, behavior, and other mental abilities. To find out no cure for Alzheimer’s disease right now, medications can help treat the signs and symptoms.

But imagine if there seemed to be a method to prevent it? While neurologists recommend an extended trail of lifestyle choices to cut the chance of Alzheimer’s, your prevention kit may very well be in?your pantry.

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Here are six foods that?will maintain the brain healthy, but additionally lessen the pace of, or maybe even prevent, the start of Alzheimer’s.


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Rich in antioxidants, berries help in fending off the damage because of free radicals. Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries or blackberries are typical healthy for the brain.


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If you weren’t already eating it to get a healthy heart, then start now for the healthy brain. And mind you it’s chocolate brown rather than its lighter or albino counterpart.

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids that is a potent antioxidant that will reduce the risk of dementia and improve overall brain function.

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Leafy Greens

Full of folate, vitamin b complex, fiber and antioxidants, leafy greens for instance leafy greens such as kale, brussels sprouts, spinach and collard greens can improve mental cognition, thus lowering the chance of Alzheimer’s. Yet one more reason to visit green!

Fatty Fish

Also loaded with omega-3 essential fatty acids, fish which include salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines are thought to be to consider protection against Alzheimer’s.

A recent study released because of the American Academy of Neurology suggested that foods abundant with omega-3s can lower the amounts of beta-amyloid inside blood. High amounts of this protein are associated with an increased chance of Alzheimer’s.


Closest to resembling the brain, walnuts have a host of nutrients and, most importantly, omega-3 fat. Several research has revealed that eating walnuts daily is effective in reducing your chance Alzheimer’s by as much as 26 %. Walnuts are loaded in vit e and flavonoids, which add further protection into the brain.


Yes, you read that right! A 2004 French study highlighted that drinking about four ounces of wine a day can prevent dementia and improve cognition, thus lowering the chance Alzheimer’s by 75 %. Say cheers to that!

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