Baked Pasta Recipe | Cheesy Sausage and Kale Pasta for your Fall


While zoodles?(zucchini noodles) undoubtedly are a healthy and popular alternative option to pasta, sometimes once you can manage the truth when it comes to enjoying comfort food. A baked pasta recipe this way has all the necessities good old-fashioned comfort food, including carbs, cheese, and a amount of heartiness.

During the cooler seasons, we are inclined to crave warm food that will require minimal effort but provides maximum pleasure. The notion that you are able to pop something in to the oven to get back in the sofa under your cozy blanket is without a doubt attracting us.

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More , we like how the finished recipe is equally enticing as our correct the couch. A large bowl with this sausage and kale baked pasta will be as inviting and comforting to be a warm spot nestled amongst the couch cushions.

To make this baked pasta recipe, spicy Italian sausage is saut

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