Science Says: Sleep Deprivation Caused by Poorer Likelihood of Breast Cancer Survival


Short sleep duration and frequent snoring during pre-diagnostic stages, are connected to?significantly poorer cancer-specific survival, particularly among women with breast cancer, says a report.

The results might motivate cancer patients to enhance their sleep patterns.

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“Our results propose that sleep duration is crucial for cancer of the breast survival, specifically in women that snore,” said lead author Amanda Phipps, assistant professor of epidemiology, in the University of Washington in Seattle. (Also Read:?7 Issues you Should Know About Breast cancers).

The study was published?online, while in the journal Sleep. It?comprised 21,230 women told they have economic crisis primary invasive cancer during follow-up through the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). Participants provided specifics of several sleep attributes at study baseline, including sleep duration, snoring and components of the WHI Insomnia Rating Scale.

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Analyses were adjusted for age at enrollment, study arm, cancer site, marital status, household income, smoking, workout and time-lag between baseline data collection and cancer diagnosis. (Also Read:?5 Everyday Herbs That will Prevent Cancer)

Short sleep duration and frequent snoring were connected to significantly poorer breast cancer-specific survival, found the study.

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Source: IANS

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