Velvet Pumpkins: How you can make Your personal DIY Velvet Pumpkins


If you’re privy?by decor trends, then you’ve probably seen beautiful velvet pumpkins gracing magazine pages and residential decor stores this current year. These plush fabric pumpkins are sophisticated, elegant, and completely festive to your fall season.

Purchasing the pumpkins can be a pricey endeavor, however, as being a small velvet pumpkin could cost anywhere from $10 to $20, according to the retailer. For nearly around the same price, you possibly can make some your very own velvet pumpkins to embellish your own home with.

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You don’t should have any expert sewing skills or special experience to help make these DIY velvet pumpkins. Moreover, making these pumpkins at your house will let you customize your pumpkins to your exact size and color that you like.

We love the concept of showcasing these velvet pumpkins in rich fall hues like copper, mauve, burgundy, and forest green.

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To create these DIY velvet pumpkins, you’re have to have:

  • Velvet fabric
  • Stuffing
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Pumpkin stems
  • Hot glue
  • Dried beans
  • Pen
  • Scissors


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  1. Lay your parts of fabric and draw circles to them in your pen, making the circles as big as you need your pumpkins to generally be.
  2. Use the scissors to take out these circles on the fabric.
  3. Thread your needle and sewing the advantage to your fabric circle in order for the edges bunch up together and meet to develop a sac.
  4. Before sewing the sac completely shut, add some beans (any type – pinto, kidney, etc.) to the sac to give it lots of weight, start being active . stuffing, piece-by-piece, in to the sac until it is actually full and submitted.
  5. Tuck the edges within the pumpkin sac inside and stitch round the top to seal the pumpkin shut.
  6. Apply hot glue towards the bottom in the pumpkin stem and press down over the location you only sewed shut on top of the pumpkin. Hold down for Half a minute and allow glue dry.

Note: You’ll find pumpkin stems already dried and ready to buy online, or use comes from pumpkins at a local market.

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