DIY Autumn Leaf Bowl | Fall Home Decor Craft Idea


Decorating your house for fall doesn’t should be a high-priced or elaborate ordeal. In fact, a few of the coziest touches come from DIY crafts like that autumn leaf bowl. Unique and hand-crafted pieces like that bowl add festivity and heat towards the home without a lot of money.

While this autumn leaf bowl isn’t heavy duty, this makes to get a beautiful fall decor piece to improve a side table or table. We expect it’s particularly darling with a few decorative mini acorns filled inside or lightweight potpourri.

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You will make this autumn leaf bowl any size that you’d like. The secret is using a true bowl that mimics how big your desired leaf bowl. The authentic bowl operates as a mold with this DIY fall craft.

To create this DIY autumn leaf bowl, you may need:

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  • Artificial Autumn Maple Leaves
  • Plastic Bowl
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Krylon Triple Thick Glaze
  • Plastic Wrap


  1. Cover a bowl with plastic wrap and put the bowl upside-down on a flat workiing surace.
  2. Paint mod podge more than one leaf each time and press the leaf in the plastic wrapped bowl. Overlap the leaves and canopy the and halfway in the sides from the bowl.
  3. As you press the leaves into the plastic wrap, so as to the mod podge squeezes out; simply brush any excess mod podge about the outsides of your leaves. Once you’re done, cover the bowl leaving with another sheet of plastic wrap. This plastic wrap can help support the leaves flat up against the bowl because the mod podge dries.
  4. Let the bowl rest, covered in plastic?wrap, not less than A day. For faster drying, try setting the bowl outside in sunlight.
  5. When the mod podge has dried as well as foliage is dry, carefully get rid of outer surface of plastic wrap to ensure the leaves are exposed. Spray the leaves with the glaze.
  6. Once the leaves are dry after being glazed, carefully remove the bowl from underneath and remove the plastic wrap internally with the leaf bowl.

DIY craft tutorial adapted from

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