"Girls" Star Lena Dunham Reveals this lady has Fibromyalgia


The creator and star of HBO’s series?Girls?announced in the Instagram post that they is experiencing fibromyalgia. Dunham has previously been open about her have trouble with endometriosis, the agony of which led her to want to undergo a complete hysterectomy in February. Yesterday, in a post to her 3 million Instagram followers, Dunham discussed her pain and also the stigma which will come from which has an invisible disease like Fibromyalgia.

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This is a post about chronic pain. I have got it. I bet plenty of you must as well. Some people take a look at it. Others can be afraid to, as it could cost them their jobs or their relationships or their a sense of control in a chaotic world. This way it is especially analogous to sexual trauma. Additionally there is (as @ladygaga so wisely shared this week) a successful link between chronic pain and trauma. Therefore, a lot of people- loads of women- find their pain is activated by weeks just like it. Be sure that after Dr. Ford’s testimony I awoke which includes a start at 3am. It felt similarly to cell at my neck was singing. My ankles and wrists were weak and my fingers didn’t do their assigned job. Yesterday I felt like I became suspended in gel, when I meditated a collection of pain zipped from my neck to my foot. Apologies merely don’t answer your text or email, or maybe if I will not appear the way someone else would. I seem totally able bodied however it is complex, at this point just looking to make everything forced to conserve a life of joy and repair. My work costs everything I have got. This is often fibromyalgia. It’s little understood and thus though I have a number of knowledge and support it is hard to shake the feeling I am crazy. But I’m not much of (at the least not like this!) and you really are not. Your pain, whatever shape you will need, is yours so it is real. I do think you after you say you hurt. Concerning learned over and again how important it truly is to think.

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In the post, which shouts out Lady Gaga’s Vogue interview from last week, she talks about the text between pain and trauma and states that the actual talk of sexual assault in the news yesterday caused her undertake a flare-up. We know that trauma is generally a consider why someone develops fibromyalgia. As much as 48% of men and women diagnosed with chronic pain conditions like?fibromyalgia report having experienced an childhood trauma or abuse.

Another thing which is helpful when you her post is the fact she explicitly mentions the invisible nature of fibromyalgia.

I seem like totally able bodied but it’s complex, that i’m just aiming to fit everything in forced to conserve a time of joy and repair. My work costs everything Concerning. This is certainly fibromyalgia. It’s little understood and so though I own a great deal of knowledge and support it’s tough to shake the experience We’re crazy. But I am not saying (not less than not using this method!) and you really are not. Your pain, whatever shape it requires, is yours so it is real. I believe you if you say you hurt. Concerning learned over and over how important it can be to imagine.

Dunham becomes the latest celebrity to disclose their fibromyalgia diagnosis. For the reason that disease gets more high-visibility diagnoses, probably the stigma round the disorder are going to subside.

What do you consider? Do you find it helpful for celebrities to disclose their fibromyalgia diagnoses? Is building awareness it is possible to combat stigma?

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