Science Says: Mammogram Screenings Can cause Breast Cancer Overdiagnosis


Though experts recommend mammogram screenings at least per year to view your cancers of the breast risk, a brand new US study now says that it could?be causing a “widespread overdiagnosis”.

The study also says that breast cancer screenings are not connected to fewer deaths. While a considerably larger range of tumors were detected in areas in the US that conducted an advanced level of screenings, how many related deaths isn’t lower as compared with areas which in fact had fewer screenings, says the report.?In accordance with the National Cancer Institute, almost 230,000 US women are diagnosed on a yearly basis with breast cancer.

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For the research, reports from cancer of the breast screenings, tumor characteristics and deaths, in addition to cancer diagnoses were studied from 547 US counties. The info was collected from almost 16 million women, who had been not less than 40 years old, as well as percentage of folks that tried their mammogram screenings varied between 39 and 78 percent, depending on where they were based.

On an entire, in excess of 53,000 women were informed they have breast cancers. Although screenings did show a rise cancers of the breast diagnosis, the sheer numbers of related deaths remained the exact same within the next ten years.

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The research does have a warning that the findings may very well be limited caused by ecological bias, wherein a lot of the knowledge draws on assumption about individuals from a large group.

Dr Joann Elmore and Ruth Etzioni, within the University of Washington in Seattle comply with a similar, while adding that ‘prior ecological studies of mammography conducted within the larger state level using a wider choice of mammography frequencies showed a decline in cancer of the breast mortality linked to more screening.’

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Screening guidelines vary in numerous states, although the US Preventive Services Task Force, a government-backed agency, recommends that girls between the ages of 50 and 74 need to have a mammogram vehicle in just two years, while screening prior to a ages of 50 need to be depending on personal health issues.

The results were described in The Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA

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Source: Reuters

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