Mercury Glass Pumpkins | DIY Fall Holiday Craft Project


If you’ve visited any interior decorating stores recently, you’ve probably seen those beautiful mercury glass pumpkins shown on the shelves. A bit rustic and also a small bit glam, mercury glass pumpkins absolutely are a beautiful way to then add activity style home for any fall holidays.

The only negative thing is that mercury glass pumpkins may be a tad costly. The pumpkins cost any where from $20 to $80, and when you’re thinking of decorating your parking space with more than one pumpkin, then you’ve got to be ready to spend a great deal.

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Fortunately, you may earn your personal mercury glass pumpkins at home with this easy DIY project. You will only need to have a few ingredients to handle this project. The glass pumpkins can be bought for your local discount store, making this a tremendously affordable project.

Mercury glass pumpkins such as these might be the perfect decor piece for the table, mantlepiece, or maybe your Thanksgiving table. They look ultra chic, when you earn them in the home, they’re an affordable decorating idea.

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To make mercury glass pumpkins, you will need:?

  • Glass pumpkin container
  • Rust-Oleum Specialty Mirror Paint
  • Paper towel
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Tape
  • Plastic wrap/bag/sheet


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  1. Remove the lid for your glass pumpkin and cover the outside of the pumpkin and lid with plastic. You may use portions of a plastic bag or maybe a sheet of plastic wrap and tape it on the outside of. The point is to protect the exterior of the pumpkin from overspray.
  2. Very lightly spray within the pumpkin and inside the lid using the bottled water spray. Just put in a light mist.
  3. Shake wartrol paint can vigorously for your minute, then spray on the wet areas who were just misted.
  4. Let the paint dry for an hour, then utilize a wet paper towel to rub off excess paint. You need to be available a splotchy looking pumpkin a.k.a. the best mercury glass pumpkin! Lover darker coat, go ahead and repeat the earlier steps for another coat of paint (mist first, spray, then wipe down after one hour).

Note: When you are planning to get when using the pumpkin being a vase for flowers, note that the flower stems may scratch the paint off of the pumpkins. To prevent, play one or two coats of an clear protectant spray following the original paint has dried.

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