Pepsi HIV: The Weird Urban Legend


Pepsi HIV

Every day you awaken, you will be cured with some funny news running through various sites or even just sent with the your phone by means of messages. One good example would be the report that went viral warning individuals that staff at Pepsi contaminated the beverages with HIV infected blood.

When reached for clarification, Pepsi marketing vice-president refuted the claim explaining that this Frooti Company only produces and supplies fresh juice and this there wasn’t any reason to have worried about the unjustified rumor. Actually, the rumor has been around for quite some time. In 2013, Frooti’s mother company, Parie Agro was compelled to interact with similar claims when another random individual spread a message warning people not to ever grab the company’s juices.

Any possibility this claim could possibly be valid?

There are a number of years of scientific research which is centered on ways during which HIV may be transmitted. With the several scientific studies and research, it’s been figured HIV should not be transmitted through foods or drinks even though there’re contaminated with infected fluids like blood or semen. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that no incident of food contaminated with infected blood or semen may be reported towards same institution. In a nutshell, there’s no prospects for HIV transmission resulting from eating contaminated foods or drinking contaminated drinks.

Other news researchers, after contacting Britain of Health Media & Campaigns Executive, it had become confirmed that indeed what it’s all about making the rounds became a hoax and never featured in different top news channel like Sky News. It was also found out that the Metropolitan Police we hadn’t issued an argument mainly because it was claimed inside the fake message.

After all, HIV is not transmitted through use of contaminated foods and drinks for three reasons;

  • The virus does not live outside the body of a human for days on end periods
  • The stomach acids will eliminate virus for those who consumed traces of blood or semen from an infected person and contained in the beverages
  • The mouth won’t provide access for HIV within the bloodstream

For your satisfaction, now you have the truth to discredit the ever disturbing messages transported to you by friends or read online on fake sites and blogs.

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