ICD 9 Code Hypothyroidism


ICD-9-CM is usually an American code used for claim purposes on reimbursement claim to the after- effects attributable to radiation therapy. This code is an old version which is called 2013 version. It’s a claim code which could simply be utilized for cases that happened before 30th September 2015.? The ICD 9 Code for Hypothyroidism is 244.9.

The reimbursement claim using this code applies for patients who were forced to undergo a radiation therapy which left some effects or abnormalities. It’s a detailed claim procedure specifying all anomalies noticed within the post-radiation therapy.

The following are one of the information required while presenting the claim:

  • Describing all symptoms of the post-radiation therapy in details and even more especially assisted by the clinical official.
  • Detailed medical data is stating the healthiness of thyroid hormone along with other medical disorders.
  • A thorough medical check-up to be conducted by medical personnel to offer detailed information on other health conditions that could have already been brought on by the radiation therapy.

However, any reimbursement claim beyond 30th September 2015 should use the new code version that is certainly ICD-10-CM. Each medical disorder noted after medical check-up is given an expansion code that indicates the specific disorder. These procedures ought to be accomplished by authorized medical personnel for that claim to come into contact with.

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