Lyme Disease in Dogs


If you call home while in the Northeast of America and own a dog, there’s a 50 to 75% your dog has Lyme disease. The figure is more detailed 75% in endemic elements of Massachusetts. Should your dog has enlarged lymph nodes, fever and even general lameness you will want to get a ally checked by way of a vet. If he has no those symptoms, you can find probably still a good venture he’s got Lyme disease thanks to most dogs infected during these elements of the us, just 10% of those will ever fall sick as a consequence of disease. Option dilemma of Lyme disease. Most often, you won’t cause sickness, therefore therapy is not essential. Vats therefore are involved in the dilemma of treating or perhaps not treating dogs who have this common non-active method of Lyme disease. Lyme disease is transmitted to dogs and human beings with the black-legged tick which transmits the spirochete bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. Opt for pet owner keep reading to be aware of Lyme disease better and the way handle it.

The Facts about Lyme disease in dogs

Lyme disease can be a tick-borne disease. It is attributable to the spirochete bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and it is transmitted with the nymph and adult stage black-legged tick known scientifically as Ixodes scapularis. It always takes about 48 hrs before a pet dog may be contaminated with Lyme disease from the tick once they have latched in the dog. From this, usually it takes from between A couple of months with the disease to manifest itself during the dog. This means you could expect the symptoms to begin showing and so clinical sickness to acquire placed in. Lyme disease can, however, be successfully treated with antibiotics most of the time.

How to counteract lime disease

Prevention of Lyme disease in dogs can be performed through vaccines against the disease. This, however, ought to be placed in consultation together with your Vet. The two main ways of thinking on using vaccines as a means of preventing Lyme disease. One blogs about the negative effects of your previously discontinued vaccine that’s employed in humans had. In cases like this, when humans who had already contracted Lyme disease were vaccinated, their symptoms were worse. Leading to this psychology going about the call time vaccine. This, however, is actually not proven in dogs. Other approach sees vaccinating against this disease being a viable choice in order to avoid this illness in dogs. To avoid complications, it is best to provide the dog tested for Lyme disease before vaccinating.

The second technique to prevent Lyme disease is always to regularly look at your dog for ticks and possess them removed or get them yourself. Given that it needs a black-legged tick no less than A couple of days before it could possibly transmit Lyme disease with a dog, regularly checking the dog for ticks and removing them can stop the disease being transmitted towards your dog. This is very true for dogs which are to wooded areas or remain more woody locations the black-legged tick may be found in higher concentrations.

There are also topical parasiticides you can use on dogs that can help prevent Lyme disease. You are able to ask your neighborhood store to recommend one. Make absolutely certain which you follow instructions closely, therefore you usually do not bath your puppy or allow it to swim within One day of applying the parasiticide.

What should i do if my dog tests positive for Lyme disease?

If ever notice yourself inside unfortunate position that your dog has Lyme disease, what do you do? Let us take two scenarios. First one, your canine was not sick, however you took him for tests, which became available positive. There won’t be any symptoms a connection, what exactly happens now? Fortunately, you possibly can request your veterinarian for any further test to find out if the sickness is active or when it’s recent. Based on your Vet’s school of thinking whilst your preference, you may decide if you should treat the present disease therefore it is not going to progress to becoming active. Your other option would be to your canine for any symptoms and merely then proceed with treatment. If the ailment is already active, but you can still find no symptoms, you would really need to decide if you should treat the infection or only let it stay as is also.

If your dog has been sickly and tests positive for Lyme disease, the Vet may give canine a course of antibiotics. Enter into the esophagus effective in dogs. Common antibiotics, Doxycycline or Amoxicillin, tend to be used in this. Should your dog is sickly as a result of Lyme disease, you will need to get it treated as leaving this could kidney disease along with other complications that can bring on death.
In endemic areas like New England, our recommendation is that you are taking the dog for Lyme disease screening annually. In this way, you’re making sure that when Lyme disease is detected inside your dog, you are able to watch out for the outward symptoms or you are incredibly cautious you can aquire the ailment treated this chair was created stages.


Sometimes dog owners see large ticks for their dogs and dismiss the possibility that this really is a black-legged tick as black-legged ticks are small. Adult black-legged ticks could be quite big especially when they may be engorged. In the winter months periods black-legged ticks continue to be active. It’s only when snow falls they won’t be active. They are considered active at freezing temperatures. Even points in the snow, they will come into action should there be a handful of warm days between snow spells so regularly be aware about their presence.

While Lyme disease can also happen in humans, your dog cannot pass Lyme disease onto along with neither will you pass Lyme disease upon your dog.

Lyme disease are usually fatal if they are not managed properly. So make sure you get your pet tested living from a high-risk area and consult your Vet while in question.

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