Are you aware? Tea Can Fight Cavities


One extremely consumed beverages worldwide, tea will come in many varieties-oolong, black, pu-erh and green to be the?most in-demand ones.

While each variety of teas are processed differently to present varying tastes, colors, and aromas, which one originates from the Camellia sinensis?(or green tea leaf) plant offers the maximum protection into the?gums and teeth. The antioxidants of tea along with compounds obtained in it would be answerable for its health rewards. The fact is, tea may well be a safer replacement for fight cavities than fluoride.

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How Tea Protects Against Tooth Cavities
One of the major culprits for tooth erosion and cavities worldwide is soda consumption. The average serving of soda contains approximately 17 teaspoon of refined sugar. Soda also includes high variety of the erosive citric acid, a preservative that can damage one’s teeth more than battery acid.

Tea gets the exact opposite affect teeth. A study that checked the erosive link between tea on teeth found it similar to clean, drinking water. To put it differently,?it had?no erosive effect in any respect.[1]?In reality, the antioxidants specific to tea might protect the gums and teeth from oxidative damage.[2]?It’s important to note here that the studies used unsweetened tea.

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If you love to add lemon, sugar and/or milk for your tea, reconsider! Sugar and acid, whatever the source, can cause some other primary as well as progression of cavities. Instead, brew hot or iced unsweetened tea acquainted with loose, organic tea leaves. Keep from using prepackaged tea bags since they usually contain citric acid like a preservative. However, if you’re a tea lover, we’d give you advice for it to be by having a straw to lessen staining because of long-term tea consumption.

Other Suggestions to Avoid Cavities

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  • Avoiding sugar and acidic foods (processed food) is the foremost practice you may follow to safeguard against tooth erosion.
  • Vitamin D is significant for fit and strong teeth. Get adequate morning sunshine. If you ever stay mostly indoors, you might take a vitamin D supplement.
  • Oil pulling is yet another method to kill micro-organisms inside mouth and forestall tooth cavities.

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