“How Long Will be the Flu Contagious?” and Other Flu-tastic Facts


Wondering if you need to make your child home from school? Or whether you should contact sick for work? The final thing you must do is spread influenza around.

But the period of time when the flu is contagious seems just a little unclear. Is the costume for provided that you can find symptoms? Will it really linger after or before symptoms appear?

Find out of the approaches to questions like “how long is the flu contagious” and various facts. They might surprise you. And maybe mother didn’t always know best.


The flu, or influenza, is attributable to several different viral strains. This contagious respiratory disease can infect the throat, nose, and they often lungs. Unlike cold symptoms, your the flu seriously suddenly.

Can the flu be treated? Until recently, the perfect solution was “no.” Much like the common cold, the flu is the consequence of a virus. And everyone knows viruses are not to be treated. Not less than, until recently.

The Centers for disease control and Prevention recommends four FDA-approved antiviral drugs to help remedy the flu. These medications can assist shorten the amount of time that you will be sick. And they can help as well shorten the time period while you are contagious to others.

Furthermore, children and people susceptible to flu complications would help the most out of these antiviral drugs. So if it appears as though you have a mild strain, you might like to tough it out rather than going immediately to the drugs.

Contagion Period

Having the flu can leave you feeling low. Therefore it feels like a no-brainer that you will be contagious make your best effort. But via the internet may possibly also spread the virus before you show symptoms?

It’s true. You’re contagious each and every day before you begin showing symptoms. To be able to spread the herpes virus when you know you have it.

If you’re wondering, the contagious period is per week. Translation? Five to seven days after you start sickness you’re contagious. However most contagious from the first 3-4 days.

And in case you have children? They are often contagious for long. You might want to possible until the symptoms fade and soon you can without danger send it well university.

Incubation Period

When you first grab the winter flu, you just aren’t sick immediately. The virus needs time and energy to infect the body. For many individuals, which may mean 2 days after exposure. But this period ranges from 1

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